My 10 year old student playing ‚Price Tag‘ by Jessie J


With my Jazz Fusion Trio – Masala Chai. This funky song is based on an Indian Raga. It’s called ‚Bhimpalasi Grooves‘

Another song from my trio. This one is also based on an Indian Raga. It’s called ‚Last Trip of Charukeshi‘

My composition – Mera dost (My friend)

This is my own composition. This song is about a lazy friend of mine and life in general. The feel of the song is quite chilled out as well with elements of Funk and Jazz.

Hanuman Chalisa Cover (guitar) – Krishna Das version

Hanuman Chalisa is a Indian hymn/ poem devoted to the Hindu monkey god Hanuman. Here it’s sung and played by me. This version is originally performed by Krishna Das

Some of my students from London, UK