Guitar Lessons in Vienna Wien

The lessons are usually once a week.

I teach on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 14:15 to 21:00. On Thursdays I teach at Grundsteingasse 29-31, 1160 Wien. On the other days I teach at Wielandplatz 7/21, 1100 Wien. Please see the available appointments here (click here) and send me a message to book your lesson 🙂

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4 lessons block (For regular students/ Students after trial lesson)4 X 45 min€ 119.90 Click here to buy
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2 Students45 min€ 19,90 per student
3 Students45 min€ 14,90 per student


While teaching, I take take into account at what level the student is, and what the student wants to learn, and then teach appropriately. I don’t have a fixed syllabus to teach as

‚House of Rock‘ is not a school, instead it is a House of Rock, where private guitar lessons are held in a relaxed homely atmosphere.

Which I believe is the best way to learn as the student can progress at his own pace without any pressure and the teacher can give individual attention to the student.

The lessons are of 45 minutes duration and are held once a week at my house, which is the House of Rock 🙂 The timings are very flexible and I teach guitar to all age groups. The lessons are taught in a homely atmosphere in a fun and engaging manner.

To give some organisational structure, I have structured the lessons as follows, just for a basic idea:



It will get you started with all the correct techniques. The syllabus is carefully developed keeping a beginner in mind as this is usually the part when a student loses interest if not taught in an engaging manner by understanding the students individual needs. If you put in a little bit of your own practice, you will be amazed at the progress you can make in a short time.

Basic stringing

Tuning & maintenance

Technique :                          left hand strength development, right hand strumming

Harmony & Theory :         basic music theory, understanding the theory of Major & Minor

Chords :                              Open CAGED chords

Scales :                                Major and Natural minor

Vocabulary & repertoire : Easy Pop/ Rock/ folk songs

Music Reading :                 Tablature (tabs) and chord diagrams

Ear training :                       Differentiating Major and minor chords

Time and feel



If you know the basics, it means that you’ve cleared the first level, which is usually the point when most students give up. So you’re already willing to learn more and ready to further your skills. This is the point when most people start enjoying playing this lovely instrument.

Harmony & theory :             Concept of key, The Circle of fifths, Relative major & minor

Chords :                                Understanding major 7, minor 7, dominant and power chords

Scales :                                 Major & Minor Pentatonic, Blues scale

Technique :                          Left hand/Right hand exercises, finger-picking styles

Vocabulary and repertoire :  Contemporary Pop, Classic Rock

Music Reading :                  Basic note values, rests and pitch

Ear Training :                      Recognising dominant, minor & major chords.



People usually hit a plateau at a point once they have started playing the basic pentatonic scales, basic improvisation, read simple transcriptions and play the occasional solo, but you know it’s not enough. If you feel this way, then this is for you.

Technique :                          Alternate and economy picking, rock techniques

Harmony & theory :            Theory of modes, arpeggios, improvisation in Dorian

Vocabulary & repertoire :   Blues, Funk, Classic rock

Music Reading :                  Triplets Shuffle/ swing feel accidentals, key signatures, chord                                                charts & rehearsal charts

Ear training :                       Simple intervals/ triads, chord progressions



It takes a lifetime to learn one instrument, so you might think that you know enough, but there’s always scope for improvement. You’re comfortable on theory & techniques. Now you want your playing to really take off with more advanced playing techniques and repertoire, then this is for you.

Technique :                           5 position theory, sweep picking, finger tapping

Harmony & theory :    modes, slash chords, advanced arpeggios, advanced pentatonics

Vocabulary & repertoire :   Advanced Rock, Jazz standards

Music reading :                    Odd time signatures and full chart reading

Ear training :                        Compound intervals/ scales/ complex chord progressions