The Teacher

Private Gitarre LehrerHi,

 My name is Rajat Agarwal. People also call me Raju or Raju Baba :). I was born and brought up in a town called Meerut, India. At the age of 8, my parents introduced me to Harmonium and I started having private harmonium lessons at home. This was the beginning of my musical journey which would last a life time eventually. Since then, I never hesitated to try any instrument that I could get hold of, so I tried my hands at flute, bongo, sitar, keyboards, tabla, drums, xylophone and I eventually found peace after sticking to guitar for a few years and decided that this would be my instrument of choice at the age of 16. I chose guitar because I really enjoyed singing while strumming the chords and the music that I listened to at that age was mostly western Pop/ Rock, and most of all, I was amazed at the versatility of guitar, and of course, how ‘cool’ it looked hanging down from my neck J . I just fell in love with the instrument.

 After about 10 years of learning and playing the guitar, by listening to guitar parts of various artists on cassettes, C.D’s, figuring out guitar solos on my own and then taking few private lessons, I studied and completed grade 8 certificates in theory and performance in India from Trinity Guildhall, UK, Rockschool, UK and London college of music, UK in classical as well as popular music with Distinction. I realised that in the future, I would not have enough time for a job as I was so involved with music during most part of my days, that I decided to make music my job. I then enrolled in a diploma course in Contemporary music performance at Tech music Schools, University of West London, UK, while giving private guitar lessons to people in London.

After completing the Diploma in London, I went to Nepal and completed Teacher Training in Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. I play in many bands in Genres of Rock and Jazz Fusion.